Caroline Marcel has been working with extremely poor communities in Latin America for the past 20 years, specialising in micro-economic development, mainly for women. This includes micro-finance, business development, social entrepreneurship and capacity building in communities and with local NGOs.

As Caroline has become such an expert in her field, she noticed she doesn't evolve too much anymore and decided to travel the world for fresh input. And she brought her 2 teenage daughters with her!
The family is now on the road for a little over 6 months and "The Sustainable World Tour" is becoming fruitfuller by the visit. They are mostly visiting European capitals, trying to understand the way of living and meeting great people to learn from. Caroline's daughters are being home schooled and together they collect their findings in a little book named 'stealing ideas'.

The main focus of the Sustainable World Tour is "food issues", as more then half of the children's population in their hometown, Guatemala, suffers from malnutrition and this is scandalous.

Stealing ideas as they go, we have had the pleasure to cross paths with the family in Lisbon. We love this story and decided to offer our services. Teaching Caroline and her daughters to effectively gather their thoughts and to get knowledge of some typical brainstorming techniques, we believe that they can steal and borrow and gain more ideas to bring back home and adapt it to their environment to create greater impact.

If you feel like you have any input, ideas or useful knowledge, or just simply want to join a brainstorm for a good cause this Sunday, please hit us up!