Chei Krew
Limited edition of 25 risograph prints by Stolen Books Print size: 29,7x42cm

Chei Krew is an art collective created in 2011 in Porto by Asno, Louro and by friends and family. The two artists met during a football game when they noticed they were wearing the same shoes and were both the same height. Since then, despite different paths, they have a lot in common: a huge passion for Graffiti, Illustration, Design and Ping Pong. With their work predominantly in the streets of Porto, they have never been satisfied with doing only mural paintings; they also get involved in collective and solo exhibitions, designing posters, painting on wood and canvasses, photography and sometimes during the weekends they go as a Dj Set duo to local bars. Presently, having completed degrees in Graphic Design, in their free time they enjoy feeding pigeons, seagulls or ducks, playing chess on a bench in the park, and working in the studio. ⁣

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